Modular, the saddle that opens and adapts to you

Modular Sport, is the ergonomic and comfortable E-bike saddle, in the sport / trekking version.
Thanks to the central design, in which we have created an ergonomic recess to avoid compression of the perineal nerve and the Ergofit system, it offers full support for pedaling and highlights its exclusivity.
Modular Sport is the sports ergonomic application of the Modular system (exclusive Selle Bassano patent) for the e-rider who wants maximum comfort on long sport rides. Rounded line and innovative shape, it offers a millimetrically adjustable opening from 0 to 5cm.



Modular system.

Longitudinal opening system from 0 to 5cm, Selle Bassano’s proprietary patent, allows the saddle to adapt to the needs of the sporty rider. This new model enters fully into the range dedicated to the e-rider, thanks to exclusive features in terms of materials and the special ergonomic design.