Selle Bassano

Thanks to the 3 Zone Comfort Plus technology, it succeeds with a single idea in satisfying the different needs of the most demanding cyclist: comfort, lightness and style. With 3 distinct areas, with graduated compression, the 3 Zone Comfort Plus technology is ideal for the versatile cyclist, who also seeks lightness and care in the choice of materials.

3 Zone Comfort Plus:

During pedaling, based on the inclination of the body, the weight on the saddle is distributed in different quantities and positions. Thanks to the 3-ZONE technology, Selle Bassano offers a product capable of absorbing these weights in every situation, from leisurely to sporty pedalling.

Hi-Density Pad

The rear part of the 3 Zone saddles has a density specifically created to avoid trauma to the cyclist's ischial bones.

Soft Zone

Central channel specially designed to lighten the weight on the perinatal area of the cyclist.

Sport Zone

Area located on the nose of the saddle, in the area involved in sport pedaling; thanks to its density it increases comfort during the race.