Light, the new shape of Selle Bassano, which thanks to the two different levels of support and the large homogeneous surface, makes it perfect for the E-Bike rider. Leggera is available with 3Zone® Comfort System technology and the Isophorm® patent

Leggera Technology

Thanks to the new shape of Selle Bassano, the ‘Ebike cyclist has a new feeling of comfort and stability for his most demanding city and outdoor excursions. Thanks to the shape of Leggera, the higher rear part helps the seat by supporting the movements of the cyclist, the lower area from the center of the saddle to the nose, on the other hand, allows for considerable stability and control, avoiding continuous movements of the cyclist on the saddle and considerably reduces pressure in the perineal area of ​​the electric bike rider. The support surfaces of LEGGERA are specially designed FLAT, linear and flat. Thanks to this expedient, sensitivity and control are much better than a standard saddle, without compromising comfort and structural rigidity. The result is a more stable and pleasant riding saddle.

  • Length: 255 mm
  • Width: 185 mm
  • Weight: 420 gr
  • Fork: Chromoly
3 Zone Comfort System

During pedaling, based on the inclination of the body, the weight on the saddle is distributed in different quantities and positions. Thanks to 3Zone technology, Selle Bassano offers a product capable of absorbing these weights in every situation, from leisurely to sporty pedalling.