Who we are

Established in 1986, Selle Bassano has always had the objective of offering maximum comfort and the best quality materials to cycling tourism. All the conception, design and manufacturing processes of Selle Bassano products are carried out in Italy. With Selle Bassano, the saddle becomes a distinctive component, essential for characterizing the value and aesthetics of the bicycle. The customizations, the countless patents developed in-house have allowed Selle Bassano to emerge worldwide, positioning itself today among the top players on the market. Selle Bassano guarantees a high quality product, managing to earn the trust of cyclists from all over the world over the years.
Thanks to continuous innovation and research, today Selle Bassano products can make use of various technologies, developed internally and which aim to safeguard the health of the cyclist and offer maximum comfort: 3Zne Comfort Plus, Isophorm (the memory foam in a patented construction process), Modular (internationally patented Modular System), HD Cover System (internationally patented construction system) and Ergofit (the standard way to comfort).

The creative process

The Italian experience available to the global cyclist. Innovation knows no bounds!


Our team studies the needs of the modern cyclist and develops dedicated solutions, thanks to the experience gained and the dedication spent. New anatomical solutions and new technical solutions to create new concepts.


The concept on which the development phase is based emerges from the research. It is the idea that emerges from the analysis and founds the importance of the creation of the product. It determines the typically "Italian" character of our products, which gives them value and originality.


The development area deals with the relationship of the concept before mass production, where craftsmanship merges with the most advanced technology to keep the character of the product unaltered.


Once this stage has been reached, the product has been seen and scrupulously reviewed several times and is ready for production, rigorously 100% Hand Made Italy.

Energy Saving

Selle Bassano has always had the rider and the individual at the center of its mission and philosophy, who seek the best. From today our commitment grows and strengthens even more thanks to investments in energy and sustainability. In such difficult moments we want to contribute firmly to the growth of awareness of how important the health of the individual and of all is, which derives from the surrounding environment and from energy saving. For this reason we have decided to implement a new process of energy saving and environmental protection. Our products already comply with the highest level of environmental legislation at European level. Our production process studies and implements a process of energy saving and environmental awareness in order to improve ourselves. Selle Bassano, thanks to the installation of solar panels, has already been proceeding since 2014 with an energy saving of more than 30% for its production process, actively contributing to energy efficiency.

Becomes Green

Bassano Selle, respects the environment in the production of its products from A to Z. Thanks to a vertically organized and integrated process (more than 70% of the production of the product takes place inside the company) it manages to guarantee sustainability. Everything from the choice of suppliers to stakeholders is oriented towards respect for the environment.

Energy Saving

Convert to renewable energy. These are resources found in nature and are not subject to depletion, such as the sun, wind or heat.

Ecological Footprint

Leave the car at home. There are more ecological alternatives for getting around: public transport, bicycle, on foot.

Green Corner

Plants improve air quality by helping to absorb gases, filter them and produce oxygen.

Waste Recycling

The best way to be sustainable is to recycle. Recycle properly and deposit any waste in the right container.

Saving Water

Water is a precious natural resource that we should pay more attention to. Do not leave the faucet open unnecessarily.