Modular, the saddle that opens and adapts to you

Modular, is the only patented saddle in the world that opens and adapts to the size of the rider’s pelvis

Modular S-Line, is the city bike saddle with a simple and elegant design, for medium-fast daily walks in the city or in the countryside

We have created a saddle, with the Modular system, for those looking for uncompromising sportiness.

Modular S-Line is the classic sport application, with the small dimensions of the Modular system (exclusive patent of Selle Bassano) for those who want an aggressive look and want to compromise with comfort, with adjustable opening (from 0 to 5cm)

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Modular system.

Longitudinal opening system from 0 to 5cm, internationally patented, owner of Selle Bassano, allows the saddle to adapt to the needs of the sporty rider. This new model becomes a full part of the range dedicated to the e-rider, thanks to exclusive features in terms of materials and the special ergonomic design.